Lab 1 - Meet the toolkit

STA 210 - Spring 2022

What to expect in lab

  • Introduction to the lab assignment (~ 5 - 10 minutes)

  • Work on the lab assignment (individual at first, but in teams for the rest of the semester)

  • Lab instructions posted on the course website.

  • Start each lab by finding your assignment repo in the course GitHub organization

    • This is where you will find the Quarto document and data to get started


  • You do not have to finish the lab in class, they will always be due the following Friday at 5:00 pm. One work strategy is to get through portions that you think will be most challenging (which initially might be the coding component) during lab when a TA can help you on the spot and leave the narrative writing until later.

  • When working in teams (later in the semester) do not pressure each other to finish early; use the time wisely to really learn the material and produce a quality report.

Check: Do you have the lab-1 repo?

  • Go to the GitHub course organization:

  • You should see a repo with the prefix lab-1- followed by your GitHub username

  • If you do not have this repo, please let your TAs know!


Follow along as your TA demonstrates the following:

  • Configure Git using SSH

  • Clone RStudio repo and start new project

  • Render document and produce PDF

  • Update name in YAML

    • Render, commit, push changes to GitHub

    • See updates in your GitHub repo

When you’re done with lab

  • Make sure all your final changes have been pushed to your GitHub repo

  • Submit the PDF of your responses to Gradescope

    • You can access Gradescope through Sakai or the course website

    • Login using your Duke NetID credentials

You’re now ready to complete the rest of lab!

Please “raise your hand” if you need help as you work on the lab